Hi, I'm Martin, the Schnap! captain.
"I am passionate about re-energising the hospitality sector, and my business mantra is not to put financial pressure and the burden of the new normal on to your businesses. We do this by keeping our costs low."
Founded in Manchester we are a technology start-up business with local communities at our heart. 

At Schnap! we are focused on delivering affordable technology to the local community, whether that is our location based social media app, or our new app that allows local businesses to offer in-app ordering of items for table service, collection or delivery.

Our belief is that the hospitality industry has had enough pain with the closures of premises and the high cost of reopening them with limited services and customer numbers, so at Schnap! we wanted to provide a solution that would not impact on their takings and turnover.

Now that the hospitality industry is preparing to re-open, we are seeing many new apps coming to the marketplace, but their models are based on monthly fees or higher payment transaction costs to the businesses. Our opinion is this is not the right model.

We believe that the Schnap! model is the better option for you. We hope you agree!
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