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No set-up costs

No monthly fees

No ongoing costs

No deployment costs

See pricing section for details

How we help

Save Staff Time
Customers place orders instantly, freeing up your staff to look after them
Improve Customer Service
Your customers get to chose how they order and don't have to queue
Reduce Transaction Costs
Our online pricing is cheaper than many card payment machines

What we do

We provide the technology that allows your customers to order food and drinks via an app

We help you attract customers looking for places to visit when you appear on our map

We help you interact and promote to your customers with a chat room linked to your premises

How it works

Orders are placed by customers using our Schnap! app
Your business receives the order using your mobile, tablet or PC. The choice is yours!
Manage orders and customer notifications through the Schnap! software, no integration required
All our applications are designed to be simple to set-up and use

With Schnap!, you enjoy all these features for free!

Find new customers
Your business features prominently on our map, helping potential customers find you easily
In app menu
No need to produce disposable menus, your customers can browse it in our app
(Even if they chose not to use the app for ordering)
Track and Trace
We take the hassle out of capturing your customer data and store it securely
In app ordering
Using our simple to use solution, your customers can easily place their orders
In app payment
Our integration with Stripe means customers can quickly pay for their order
(There are plenty of payment options)
One touch reordering
Another round? Just click to reorder a previous selection
Feature rich POS solution
Orders instantly appear on the Schnap! POS system, available on desktop, laptop and tablet devices
(Have as many as you want!)
Order progress updates
Your customers are kept updated as you accept (or reject), then process their orders
Get paid quickly
The payments are processed as soon as the order is completed and then transferred to your account
Collection or Table Service
You can chose whether you want your customers to have table service, collection or the choice of either
The Schnap! dashboard allows you to see and export real time sales reports
Full control
Need to change the menu or ran out of something? No problem, just update it in the dashboard
(If you're mobile, you can change your location too)
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